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  1. Place Collector in desired location within 25í (standard supplied wire length unless otherwise noted on the order) of the EVERLITE Illuminator solar unit.

    • The collector can be located remotely from the Illuminator to receive improved solar conditions. To maximize collector recharging, un-shaded Southern exposures are best. The unitís performance is enhanced when placed facing an un-blocked southern exposure in North America. Addition wire length can be purchased from the factory. A second (or third) collector can be added to optimize performance in areas where necessary.

    • Press collector stake in ground. DO NOT PRESS ON UPPER SOLAR COLLECTOR as excessive pressure could damage the inner components (Fig. 1).

  2. Thread collector post to driven stake (Fig. 2).

  3. Remove plastic film covering on the top of the collector (Fig. 3).

  4. Discreet (hide) the low voltage wire to the EVERLITE Illuminator and connect Red wire to the + (R) and white (W) to marked terminal posts. The power supply is very low voltage so itís not dangerous electrically. Just keep it from becoming a trip hazard or getting caught in lawn & garden equipment (Fig. 4).

  5. Remove (pull) tag marked remove from the collector (Fig. 5).


To test, cover the collector and see if the LEDís light up. This will only work if the light sensor on the top of the collector is covered or at night. If it doesnít work, the batteries may have come loose and need to be adjusted.

The collector cover can be removed by turning it counter-clockwise while holding the base of the collector where it meets the post. The batteries are in the top. This is how the batteries are replaced too. These batteries are designed to last up to three years (Fig. 6).

Replace the collector by lining up the three tabs and turning clockwise (Fig. 7).

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