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Select desired location for the EVERLITE Illuminator and Post assembly
  1. Drive stake into ground until roll pin is at ground level

    1. Use a sledgehammer or other large appropriate tool (Fig. 1)
    2. Roll pin should be in upper left corner (10 o’clock) when your back is towards the street (Fig. 2)
    3. Try to drive the stake straight

  2. Place Illuminator Plate on Yard Post with chamfered hole side up. Attach with provided slotted screws (Fig. 3).

  3. Place assembled EVERLITE Illuminator* on Yard Post Plate. Attach with provided Allen screws and wrench (Fig. 4).
    * (See separate EVERLITE assembly instructions contained with the Illuminator)

  4. Slide the wire from the power source (collector or Door Bell transformer) up the Yard Post and through access hole at the top of the Plate (Fig. 5).

  5. Attach red wire to the + post (R) and white wire to the - post (W) with the terminal post screw (Fig. 6). Door Bell powered units do not have a + post (R) or a - post (W).

  6. Place Post assembly over stake so the bottom of the yard post rests on the roll pin. Fasten the yard post to the stake with the provided slot screw and washer. You will want to bend down and visually locate the drilled and tapped hole through the post prior to fastening. It’s makes it easier to know where you’re going (Fig. 7).

  7. Place supplied post cap on top of the yard post (Fig. 8).

  8. Finished!

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